What is a welcome visit?

A time that is convenient for you (days, evenings or weekends) to receive a welcome visit in your new home and a basket of gifts from your new community. It will generally last about 30 minutes but can be a little longer depending on your questions and familiarity with the area. Whether a whole family is at home or only one adult, you’ll want to put aside the boxes and home projects to receive this free special visit!

What is in the basket?

All the important information you need after a move such as motor vehicle details, municipal services, maps, local treasure spots, seasonal and cultural events, activities for adults and kids plus so much more! Nothing is for sale during your visit. Select local merchants have included special free gifts as well as great gift certificates and discount offers!

Why would the merchants include free gifts and discount offers?

When you are in a new community you are looking to establish convenient locations to shop, dine and be entertained. You are looking to establish new relationships with doctors, dentists, vets and helpful household services. The merchants included in the basket are trusted professionals in the area. They simply want to be introduced to you so you’ll discover their benefits right away.

What if I am not completely new to the community?

When you are in a home that is new to you there are often many new things you may need now but didn’t even think about before. If you grew up in the area and have come back to raise a family or be near relatives, you will have different needs than you did as a youth or want to learn about things that have been added while you were away. Moving from an apartment to a home, upsizing or downsizing all bring about new needs and areas of interest. Let Area Welcome introduce you to a new side of the community you thought you always knew!

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